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  • What are the Most Efficient Solar Panels?

    Solar panel efficiency is a big deal.  Homeowners shopping around for solar become aware of this very quick, as with the slew of options for panels out there, the choice often comes down to price vs. efficiency.  Mostly, [...]

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    The Takeaway from the Suniva Solar Panel Tariff Hearing

    Last week, two bitterly conflicted sides of the solar industry met in Washington to testify before a government panel concerning a proposed tariff on imported solar panels.  The trade case, brought on by US panel manufacturer Suniva, is [...]

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    It's no mystery that Orange County is one of the biggest solar markets in the US, and even the world.  2015 ushered in a solar gold rush period in the area, as Net Metering 1.0 was being phased out, which created demand that was unforseen [...]

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