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  • Why You Should Take Advantage of the 30% Federal Tax Credit

    What is the Federal Solar Tax Credit? The Federal Solar Tax Credit, or Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), is an important piece of legislation set forth by the US government to support the growth of solar.  The ITC allows homeowners going [...]

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    The Benefits of Micro Inverters

    In the solar world, one of the big debates is the whole string inverter vs. micro inverter issue.  Solar inverters are the devices that convert DC power being produced by the solar panel into AC power.  The debate lies in which type of [...]

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    Stellar Solar Completing San Rafael Parish Installation

    Stellar Solar has completed nearly all of a planned 125.5kW installation at San Rafael Parish in the Rancho Bernardo neighborhood of San Diego, pending inspections and certification. The system spans four buildings on [...]

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