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  • Does Solar Add Value to Your Home?

    The benefits of adding a photovoltaic solar system to your home are innumerable, but one that you always hear is that it adds value to your home.  That should be obvious, as the systems are expensive and save tons of money, but the question of [...]

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    California Goes All-In on Electric Cars

    California is America's leader in the clean energy sector, there's no doubt about that.  They are now solidifying that position by designing a new bill that will encourage the sale of electric cars in the state, largely inspired by the [...]

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    Summer Solstice: What's it about?

    If today feels long, longer than usual, it's not just you.  Today is actually, in fact, the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the Summer Solstice.  The Summer Solstice occurs when the Sun is directly above the Tropic of [...]

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