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  • It's no mystery that Orange County is one of the biggest solar markets in the US, and even the world.  2015 ushered in a solar gold rush period in the area, as Net Metering 1.0 was being phased out, which created demand that was unforseen [...]

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    5 Ways Solar Panels Degrade and How SunPower Resists Them

    Photovoltaic solar panel technology has come a long way since it's beginnings.  Innovations in technology by top solar manufacturers have made it so that panels are more powerful, durable, and reliable.  [...]

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    What Do I Do if My Solar Company Goes Out of Business?

    It's been an interesting few years on the "solar coaster.” A combination of government incentives and plummeting solar panel prices caused the biggest boom in solar installations of all time in California back in 2015 and in to 2016. [...]

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