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  • What is the Useful Life of a Solar Panel?

    Like any investment in home improvement, homeowners looking to purchase solar panels care about longevity, as they should.  After all, solar panels are electric, so like any appliance that runs off electricity, it is optimally functional for a [...]

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    How MicroGrids Could Prevent Widespread Power Outages

    6.2 million.  That's how many people were without power in Florida Sunday night, as Hurricane Irma made its way up the West Coast of the state.  Of that number, over half of residents, around 3.3 million, were customers of one utility, [...]

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    Free Solar Panels: Legit or Scam?

    Homeowners interested in solar, and even those who aren't, have likely come across an ad, or Google listing, or offering, for 'free solar panels'.  Like most things in life that are free, the offering of free solar panels seems like one of those[...]

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