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White House Installs Solar Panels

The White House recently installed a 6.3 kW American-made solar energy system on its roof. The Obama administration is aiming to push solar energy and energy efficiency and is increasing billions of investment in energy efficiency for federal buildings. Watch the video below and read more here.

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This Father’s Day, Give Dad the Sun!

Happy Father’s Day to all our customers… and future customers!

These days, lots of moms and dads are choosing to go solar for their home, mainly to get rid of those pesky (and expensive) power bills.

But there’s a surprise bonus. When your house is powered by the sun, everything that plugs into your house is now also solar powered.

What better gift for Dad this Father’s Day than a power boost from Stellar Solar?

His DVR and laptop? Solar-powered. All his emails to friends and family and that blog he writes about his wood-working hobby? Runs on the sun now!

And nothing tastes better first thing in the morning than coffee brewed with solar power.


If you trade in that smoky old gas mower for a new, electric lawn mower… Dad can cut the grass using solar power, too. (Which is only fair, since it’s solar power that makes the grass grow in the first place.)

Not only are these electric power tools less polluting, they’re usually much quieter, too — which your neighbors might appreciate on early Sunday mornings!


The ultimate, of course, is to get a Nissan Leaf or some other all-electric vehicle and plug that into your solar powered house.

Once you do that… “every move you make, every trip you take”… you’re running on clean, California sunshine and getting great mileage to boot! (Plus, with instant torque from the electric motor and front-wheel drive, they’re really fun to drive.)

Past experience suggests you can drive 5 miles for each single kilowatt-hour of electricity… which means you can drive 1,000 miles per month on 200 kWh of clean, solar powered electricity. At 5-6 cents per kWh, that’s just $10-$12 a month in fuel charges!

Happy Father’s Day from Stellar Solar and here’s hoping all the dads out there enjoy their day in the sun!



Utility Costs Go Up While Solar Costs Keep Going Down

We couldn’t help but notice this week that SDG&E is planning to raise electricity prices another 7% — one of the largest rate increases in the company’s history, by the way — while the price of solar energy continues to drop and is currently at an all-time low.

solar-array01This raises the natural question, which is the better investment over the long haul, home solar energy or utility power?

One way to answer the question is to point out, first of all, how much utility power actually costs.

If you’re spending $200 per month on electricity (not unusual in San Diego), that’s $2,400 per year or $24,000 in 10 years — and that’s if prices don’t go up.

But if SDG&E rates do go up at 7% per year (as noted above), your 10-year cost of electricity is $33,000 — not $24,000. Key question: What sort of return do you get on that “investment?” (They let you keep your lights on?)

Here’s how solar compares…. for about what you will spend with SDG&E over the next 7 years, you can OWN a system that provides over 95% of your needed electricity — for the next 30+ years! (That’s like getting free electricity for 23 years!)

At the same time, that solar energy system adds new asset value to your home, value you can re-coup if you decide to sell your home… because now you’re selling a house with zero electric bill. One study said that home value goes up by $20 for every $1 in annual energy savings, just due to your avoided cost.

So, this nifty device that helps you avoid $2,400 in annual energy payment to the utility… also adds $48,000 in new home value to your bottom line, more than doubling your payback.

So remember, as you keep hearing about SDG&E rate increases — and paying those ever-increasing electricity bills — sometimes the price of doing nothing is just too high.

If you’d like to find out what sort of solar investment would work best for your home, give us a call or fill out the form on this website. And we’ll show you how to really put your money to work!

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