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    a 30% tax credit for 2016!


    Need a break on 2016 taxes? How does a 30% Tax Credit sound? Time is running out to get your solar installed this year to take advantage of the ITC! Don’t miss the opportunity to get your SunPower by Stellar Solar system installed this year to start enjoying immediate energy cost savings PLUS a 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit. That’s 30% of the cost of your solar system dollar for dollar off your taxes!

    What will you do with your savings?

    Why SunPower by Stellar Solar?

    • 30 day installation guarantee
    • Over 5,000 San Diego residential installations
    • Installing solar since 1998
    • Competitive pricing on purchased and leased systems

    *Your energy consultant will be able to tell you if you qualify for 30 day installation.

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