• SunPower 327 White Solar Panels

    SunPower® AC Modules, which include a factory-integrated SunPower microinverter, provide a revolutionary combination of high efficiency, high reliability, and module-level DC-to-AC power conversion. Designed specifically for use with SunPower InvisiMount™ and the SunPower Monitoring System, SunPower AC Modules enable rapid installation, best-in-class system aesthetics, and intuitive visibility into system performance. All this comes with the best Combined Power and Product Warranty.

  • spr 327 white

    Design-Driven Advantages

    • #1 module aesthetics and efficiency
    • Unmatched module reliability2
    • No electrolytic capacitors
    • 25-year Combined Power and Product
  • Other Features

    Maximize Value for Your Roof

    • Size system for you roof, not string inverter
    • Optimize performance of each module

    Expand Depolyment Options

    • Complex Roofs and Partial Shading
    • Small Systems
    • System expandability

    Simplify & Speed Installation

    • Factory integrated Micro-Inverter
    • Robust, double-locking AC Connectors
    • Design flexibility on and off-site
    • No DC string sizing process
    • Fewer installation steps than competing systems
    • Intuitive Comissioning

    Component of Complete System

    • Built for use with SunPower Invisimount System and SunPower Monitoring System
    • Superior System reliability and Aesthetics