• Celebrating 20 years by donating a 50kW solar system to Solutions Farms and $1,000 off your SunPower Solar System

    To help celebrate the significant achievement of 20 years in business, SunPower by Stellar Solar is giving back to the community that helped make that possible by donating the planning, design and installation of a ground-mount solar  system to Solutions Farms, part of the Solutions For Change organization.  We firmly believe in the their mission that is dedicated to solving family homelessness. Solutions Farms is an aquaponic farm where nutrient-rich water from fish culture is used to nourish produce, which in turn purifies the water so it can be returned to the fish. Everything is done within the controlled environment of a greenhouse. Solutions Farms is an integral part of Solutions for Change, a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving family homelessness – one family, one community at a time. It functions as a laboratory for teaching important work values and preparing people for re-entry into the workforce. This is the social enterprise function; accomplishing a worthwhile social purpose while also being a functioning business. Solutions Farms raises hope, as well as produce. The farm uses a lot of electricity and our proposed system will help offset that cost, enabling them to reinvest their savings back into their program.

  • Ribbon Cutting Event

    Solutions Farms and SunPower by Stellar Solar will host a ribbon cutting celebration event at their farm in March, 2017 with the exact date to be provided soon. The event will be promoted by all participating entities including Solutions for Change, SunPower by Stellar Solar and other vendors contributing to the construction of the solar system.

  • $1,000 Off Residential Solar System

    In addition, we would like to pass along this special offer of $1,000 off residential solar systems 5kW and above through January 31, 2017. For systems below 5kW homeowners will enjoy a $500 discount. Some terms and conditions apply, see below for the details.

    • $1,000 off SunPower by Stellar Solar systems 5kW and above
    • $500 off SunPower by Stellar Solar systems below 5kW
    • Not valid with any other promotions or discounts
    • Offer good through January 31, 2018
    • Please mention “20 year offer” during initial sales consultation
  • 20 Years in San Diego

    Many solar companies have come and gone in San Diego over the past few years, hoping to make a quick buck then quickly fading away. SunPower by Stellar Solar has weathered the test of time, rebates and other incentives, market fluctuations, a recession and other hurdles that were supposed to kill the solar industry. The truth is, solar in San Diego will always make sense for most homeowners and our honest, educational, no-gimmick approach has resonated with home and business owners and enabled us to stand the test of time and even thrive over the years.