• SolarCast Episode 2: Solar Aesthetics with Michael Powers

  • In episode 2 of our SolarCast series, SunPower by Stellar Solar Co-Founder Michael Powers is back addressing the topics of solar aesthetics, performance and their correlation.  Included in this episode is discussion of Tesla's new skirted solar panels, and why people prefer the sleek black panels.  Tune in every week for further discussions of the solar world.


  • About the Author

    Brooks Venters


    Brooks Venters is a Digital Marketing Professional and SEO Specialist in San Diego, where he works for SunPower by Stellar Solar and has been running their website and publishing their website content for over 5 years. Now fully immersed in the solar industry, Brooks is dedicated to educating homeowners on the benefits of solar, so that more people can wean themselves off the power company, saving money, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.