• How Many Solar Companies are in Orange County?

    It's no mystery that Orange County is one of the biggest solar markets in the US, and even the world.  2015 ushered in a solar gold rush period in the area, as Net Metering 1.0 was being phased out, which created demand that was unforseen in the industry.  Before that year, there were less than 100 companies in the area, but once the rush hit, more contractors saw how much money was being thrown around, and as a result the number of companies in the area more than doubled. 

    There are so many companies now that it's hard to get a grip on how many ACTUALLY exist in the area.  In an effort to get a real idea, we combed through Yelp, Solar Reviews, and Home Advisor to try to get an accurate number of how many exist in the area today.  Through our research we found that in Orange County alone there are a total of 880 companies.  Note that these are companies that service the San Diego area, not ones that are necessarily located in the area.  Also note that many of these do some other service along with solar, like roofing or A/C.  
    Here is a sampling of around 350 of the 880 companies:

    List of Solar Companies in Orange County

    1st Choice Solar Construction
    35th Street Solar
    A1 Discount Electric
    A1 Solar
    AAA Solar Construction
    ABC Solar
    Acecon Solar
    Acme Solar Solutions
    Active Solar
    Adroit energy inc
    Advanced Improvements
    advanced solar integration technologies
    Aikyum Solar
    Aj kirkwood & associates
    Alcen renewables
    Aliso electric
    All Pro Roofing
    Alpha Solar Electric
    Altair solar inc
    Ameco solar
    American solar pros
    AmeriGreen Solar
    Andtech Corporation
    applied solar energy solutions
    Archon Energy Solutions
    Baker Electric Solar
    Barrus solar
    Bear Solar Inc.
    Belmont energy
    Berk's Electrical & Lighting
    Bland solar
    Bratton Solar
    Brightside Power Inc
    brightsolar capital
    Brothers Solar
    By The Sea
    California Roof Savers
    california solar systems
    California Window and Solar
    Candelaria solar
    Canopy energy
    Cira Energy
    Clean Choice Solar
    Clean energy of america
    Clean Power Solutions
    Clear Edge Power
    Clear Vision Solar
    Cobalt Home Services
    complete solar
    Complete Solar
    Cuellar Electric
    Curtiss energy group
    Custom solar power
    Cyrus Solar
    Da Solar Inc
    Delta energy network
    Denali solar
    Direct electric company
    Diversified Electrical Systems
    DJH Construction
    Djh contsruction
    DMI Construction Inc
    Dominic the Electrician
    Dorn Electric In
    DRH Solar and Electric
    EarthChoice Solar
    Easley Window Claeaning
    Eco Century
    Eco Solar Home Improvement
    EcoForce Solutions
    Eco-Tech Electrical Services
    electricare inc
    Element Renewable Energy
    Element Renewable Energy
    Elevate Energy Partners
    Endless energy
    Energo Solar
    Energy Acumen Solar
    energy efficient socal
    Energy Service Partners
    Enver Solar
    Envi Energy Experts
    ETI Services, Inc
    Euro cal construction
    Evolution energy
    First American Solar
    Girst edison
    Freestyle Energy
    Future Energy Savers
    G3 solar
    Galkos Construction
    GCI Solar LLC
    Genesis california
    Gmg power
    Go Green America
    Go green solar
    Great Earth Environments
    Green Conception
    Green Engineering Solar
    Green NRG
    green solar technologies
    green volt energy
    Green World
    Greenday Electric & Lighting
    Greener Solution Group
    Greg Chambers Electric
    Ground Up Builders
    Guardian Roofs
    HD Roofs, Inc.
    Heliotek Solar Contractors
    Heritage Solar
    Hodne Construction
    Home Run Electric
    Horizon solar power
    Houman Home Improvement
    HP american energy inc
    HPD Solar
    Imperial solar
    Infinite Solar Solutions
    Infinity Solar
    Innovative Electric Solar
    Insoltech solar
    Inter Faith Electric and Solar
    JVC energy
    La solar group
    Laredo Solar & Electric
    Lm solar tech llc
    Locus energy
    Los Angeles Solar Panels
    Luke roofing
    Magic Solar Electric
    Mehr Solar
    Mimeos Sustainability Consultants
    Mk builders
    Mohr Power Soalr
    My Smart House
    Myers electric co
    Neutility LLc
    New Day Solar
    New Gen Energy
    New gen solar
    New Power
    Nexgen construction services
    Nexus Energy Systems
    Nippon energy
    Novel remodeling
    Oasis Trade
    Oc solar group
    OC Solar Panels
    Oc sunny
    Omb electrical engineers
    Opterra Energy Services
    Option One Solar
    orange county solar
    Orange County Solar Installation
    O's Window Cleaning
    PacificSky Solar
    PacWest Power
    Palm solar
    Palomar Solar
    Paradigm solar
    Pasadena Solar Panels
    peak power solutions, inc
    Pell Solar
    Perfect Energy
    Petersendean roofing & solar
    Pfmg solar
    Photon Electric
    Planet Earth Solar
    Platinum solar commercial solutions
    Plug it in Solar
    Polar solar
    Power star solar
    Poweraid Inc
    Praxis Solar
    Pristine sun LLC
    Pro Form Window Cleaning
    Proform solar
    Progressive power group
    Pure Solar
    PV Guru inc
    Quality Solar Solutions
    Raw Energy Solar
    Redstone Energy Group
    Reef Solar
    Renew Solar Electric
    Renewable USA
    Repower Irvine
    Repower Santa Fe Springs
    Restart Solar
    Revco solar
    Rocky mountain renewable energy
    RPV solar
    Run on Sun
    RWC Window Cleaning
    SBE Contracting
    Scatec solar north america
    Seabright solar
    semper solaris
    Sharp Roofing
    Sheets Contracting
    Sherpa Solar
    Shorebreak Energy Developers
    Shulman Roofing
    Silverline solar
    Simply Solar
    Smart energy solar
    Socal Solar Energy
    Socal Solar Group
    So-Cal Solar Inc
    Solair & energy
    Sola-Lite of Orange County
    Solar 360
    Solar 360
    solar assist usa
    Solar Avalanche
    Solar by Sunbelt
    Solar Century USA
    Solar Connection CA
    Solar Connection CA
    Solar Energy Exchange
    Solar Forward
    Solar Maid
    solar max technology
    Solar Optimum
    Solar Permit Services
    Solar power supply
    Solar Price Discovery
    Solar Source
    Solar Source
    Solar symphony
    Solar Systems International, Inc
    Solar tec systems
    Solar unlimited inc
    Solar Up California
    SolarMax Technology, Inc
    Solaryna energy
    Soltec epc
    Sonrise Roofing
    South Coast Electric
    Southwest sun solar
    Star Sun Solar
    Staten solar corporation
    Steve Carter Electric
    Steve Cavenee Electric
    Steve patricks solar heat and air
    Sullivan Solar Power
    Sun American Builder
    Sun Dollar Solar
    Sun Smart
    Sun solar electric
    Sun solar energy solutions
    Sun x solar inc
    Suncrest solar
    Sundrop Solar
    sunedison llc
    Sunergy Construction
    Sunfinity solar llc
    Sungrade solar
    Sunko Solar
    sunlife residential solar
    Sunna Solar
    SunPower by Green Convergence
    SunPower by Precis
    Sunpower by Solar Vast
    Sunpower by Sun Solar
    Sunpro solar inc
    Sunrun inc
    Sunshine energy
    Sunsolar us
    Sunvalley solar inc
    Sunwize technologies inc
    Sunworks Solar
    supergreen solutions oceanside
    Superstar solar power
    Sustainable Solar Services
    swan solar
    Swell Energy
    T&G Roofing Company
    Tenco Solar
    The Green Man Solar
    The Solar Crew
    the united solar
    Think Green Ca
    Thunder Chief Electric
    Todd Solar Engineering
    Treepublic energy
    Triple Line Solar
    Uec Xolar
    Underline Energy Concepts
    United solar & electric
    Universal wiring
    Unleash solar
    Upper Solar
    vaha energy
    Van Lund Roofing
    Vasari energy
    Vasco solar
    Verengo Solar
    Vivint solar
    Voltage river
    Walters Window Cleaning
    We c are plumbing heating air and solar
    West coast energy and solar
    West hills construction
    West hills energy
    Western Roofing Systems
    Westwood Solar Panels
    Wl vickers construction
    Xero Solar
    Your energy provider
    So it's clear that if you are looking to go solar in Orange County, your options are virtually endless.  What you'll find when researching the majority of these companies is that many have little or no reviews on the web.  That is generally an indicator that you do not want to go with them.  Make sure you choose a company that has a ton of reviews across the board, not just on Yelp but on Angie's List, Google+, Solar Reviews, etc.  Don't go with a company just because they are cheap.  In the end, the  hassle of dealing with the reprecussions of a bad company will cost you more.
    We are one of Orange County's original solar companies, founded in 1998 before the other 384 companies in this list.  We've been able to survive through the ups and downs of the solar industry purely through our quailty installations and craftsmanship, which is illustrated by our winning of the San Diego Union Tribune's "Best of" award for best solar company 4 out of the last 5 years.  So all we ask is that, when searching for a solar company, include SunPower by Stellar Solar in your search.  We've been here the longest, and don't plan on going away anytime soon.
  • About the Author

    Michael Powers


    Michael is one of the founding partners of Stellar Solar. In 2001, he helped launch The Home Depot’s national solar energy program which is now offering home solar through hundreds of stores in nearly a dozen states. He is a writer and marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of energy, market intelligence and leadership training. He currently serves as treasurer and board member of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), a San Diego-based non-governmental organization that advocates linking renewable energy resources around the world using electricity transmission.