• With over 300 companies installing solar in San Diego, homeowners who are looking into making the switch to solar are presented with endless choices. Of course, when you're making that decision, reviews are one of the main indicators of who you should be considering, as you want to use a company that is proven, and the best way to find that out is by looking at reviews.

    The natural inclination is to go to Yelp for reviews for a solar contractor, but relying on this one channel can be problematic. The reason is that Yelp filters reviews based on a complicated algorithm, that not even their own employees understand. The objective of the algorithm is obviously to weed out fake reviews, but as it isn't perfect, it often weeds out a ton of real reviews left by real customers. That's why Google Reviews should be considered as well, as there is no filter, which means more real reviews come through.

    So in the interest of the consumer, we have compiled a list of the top rate solar companies in San Diego, considering not only their Yelp reviews but their Google Reviews as well.

    *Note: Some "solar companies" in San Diego perform other services along with solar. This allows them to compile reviews for their services other than solar, so for the purpose of identifying the best "solar only" company, we are only listing the companies here that we know specialize in solar only.

  • 1. Semper Solaris

    Yelp: 4.5 stars, 212 Reviews
    Google: 4.9 stars, 59 Reviews
    Total: 271 Reviews, 4.7 Stars
  • 2. Sunline Energy

    Yelp: 5-stars, 206 Reviews
    Google: 5-stars 19 reviews
    Total: 225 Reviews, 5-stars


  • 3. Sullivan Solar Power

    Yelp: 149 Reviews, 4.5 Stars
    Google: 67 Reviews, 4.9 Stars
    Total: 216 Reviews, 4.7 Stars
  • 4. SunPower by Stellar Solar

    Yelp:  152 Reviews, 4.5 Stars
    Google: 60 Reviews, 4.9 Stars
    Total: 212 Reviews, 4.7 Stars
  • 5. Baker Electric Home Energy

    Yelp: 151 Reviews, 4.5 Stars
    Google: 4.5 stars, 39 Reviews
    Total: 190 Reviews, 4.5 Stars
  • 6. SolarTech

    Yelp: 121 Reviews, 5 Stars
    Google:  17 Reviews, 4.9 Stars
    Total: 138 Reviews 4.95 Stars


  • 7. SunRun

    Yelp: 131 Reviews 3.5 stars
    Google: 6 Reviews, 3 stars
    Total: 137 Reviews, 3.25 Stars
  • 8. Solaire Solar Systems

    Yelp: 108 Reviews, 4.5 stars
    Google: 23 Reviews, 4.3 Stars
    Total: 131 Reviews, 4.4 Stars
  • 9. SunPower by Precis

    Yelp:  74 Reviews 4.5 Stars
    Google: 16 Reviews, 3.3 Stars
    Total: 90 Reviews 3.9 Stars
  • 10. Freedom Solar

    Yelp: 59 Reviews, 3 Stars
    Google:  32 Reviews 3.2 Stars
    Total: 91 reviews 3.1 Stars


  • So there you have it, the top ten rated solar companies in San Diego.  When choosing a solar company, obviously these ratings are one of the top factors you should consider, but there are other points of research you should consider.  Local awards, like the San Diego Union Tribune Readers Poll, are good indicators of who the locals trust.  We've won the award 5 out of the last 7 years, including in 2017.  So when doing your research, make sure you look at the entirety of the local landscape, not just review ratings

  • About the Author

    Michael Powers


    Michael is one of the founding partners of Stellar Solar. In 2001, he helped launch The Home Depot’s national solar energy program which is now offering home solar through hundreds of stores in nearly a dozen states. He is a writer and marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of energy, market intelligence and leadership training. He currently serves as treasurer and board member of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), a San Diego-based non-governmental organization that advocates linking renewable energy resources around the world using electricity transmission.