• Solar + battery storage systems are all the rage these days. Due to the power outages last year that really affected the state of California, and in particular homes in the rural areas, many homeowners have been looking into solar +  battery storage to serve as backup power for when future rolling blackouts occur. So for those homeowners that are looking into the solar + battery storage, they should know that the Tesla Powerwall + SunPower panels is the most powerful combination out there. Let’s take a look at both products and their features to see why the Tesla Powerwall + SunPower panels is a match made in solar heaven.

    First, let’s talk about SunPower and their new A-Series of solar panels. The A-Series panels, which are 400 watts, are the most efficient panels commercially available. Higher efficiency means they produce more power in a smaller space, which ultimately means more savings for the homeowner.

    The output of SunPower panels, plus their unmatched durability and low production degradation rate, means that over the lifetime of the solar panel they are going to produce 60% more energy compared to a conventional panel. That means that homeowners are going to save a lot more on their power bills over the lifetime of the system, especially as electric rates go up over time.

    When it comes to the installation, the A-series boasts fewer points of failure -- a simplified design that can be installed much more quickly and a smaller chance of things going wrong during installation.

    The A-series panels also have a lifetime warranty of 25 years which is an industry-leading warranty. Many panels are only guaranteed for 10 years and therefore, A-series panels are guaranteed to produce more power over a longer lifetime, compared to  conventional panels.

    So clearly, SunPower panels are the superior solar panels and a great product overall. But What about the Tesla Powerwall?

    As far as solar batteries go, Tesla Powerwalls are by far the most popular. It is partly due to the prestigious Tesla brand, but it’s also because of their superior quality. Let’s look at the reasons why the Tesla Powerwall is the most popular solar battery on the market.

  • Tesla Powerwall + SunPower Panels Explained

  • The Top 5 Reasons why you should Install a Tesla Powerwall

    The Tesla Powerwall is the solar battery we are recommending at the moment for several reasons:

    1. Cost. Believe it or not, even though the Tesla name is so well known thanks to the Tesla electric vehicle which is a premium and somewhat expensive automobile, compared to all the other energy storage devices and batteries that are currently on the market, the Tesla Powerwall is really very cost-competitive. Another reason why it's a great product is it has a built in inverter and the battery management system is also built-in. When you go with some other systems that we've looked at, those are all separate components that have to be purchased and installed separately but with the Tesla Powerwall, all those components are combined and integrated as a single unit. 
    2. Battery Management System. The battery management system of the Tesla Powerwall is very important because the battery is constantly being filled up and then depleted and when you're hooking the SunPower panels to it, we want to make sure of that. We are using  solar energy to fill the battery up and then running the home off of the battery and so there's a lot of flow in and out and that has to be managed seamlessly.
    3. Modular Gateway. Another reason why Tesla Powerwall is a great component is because they have what's called a modular gateway. The reason a “gateway” is needed for emergency power is that the backup battery and the utility can’t both be supplying power to the main circuit breaker box – otherwise (in the case of a blackout), the power from your battery could flow out onto the grid and into your neighbor’s house, quickly depleting your battery. Instead, there needs to be a secondary, parallel service panel for the home, powered by the battery and separate from your main (utility-powered) service panel. In the case of the blackout, house power switches from the main panel to the backup, parallel panel, powered by the battery. This automatic switch and the backup panel is called the “gateway.”
    4. Integrated System. In some systems, all these components have to be installed and connected separately but with the Tesla Powerwall, the gateway is a compatible module meant to connect easily to the Powerwall itself. That means it's a much easier installation and we can get a permit for it very quickly. All these components are meant to go together, which is a really really big plus if you want emergency backup power while you're doing the solar and the batteries.
    5. Easily Programmable. Last but not least, one of the reasons we think that the Tesla Powerwall is one of the best products to use with SunPower panels is because it's so easy to program. It's really customer friendly because its plug-and-play user interface is really simple to use.  

      Why is that important? Well a lot of the reason that people get batteries right now is not just the emergency backup capability but also to be able to power your home with the battery when the utilities price is very high! From 4p.m. to 9 p.m. in the summer, the cost of electricity from SDGE is almost twice as much as it is during the middle of the day and what a lot of our customers are doing is programming the batteries so that from 4 to 9 p.m. in the summer, you're running all of your power off the solar-powered battery. Then during the daytime, the battery fills up with solar power and then from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. it discharges So that programming is something that you can do on your battery or we can help you with it but it's really very easy and the Tesla Powerwall makes it easy and convenient even with a phone app to do that programming and that's just not true of a lot of other batteries on the market today.

  • So, Tesla Powerwall + SunPower panels: a great combination, match made in heaven, and very easy for us to work up a quote for you. So, if  you live in San Diego or Orange County and you're interested in the batteries either for emergency backup or to further cut the cost of your utility power - contact us today, and we’d be very happy to put that quote together for you.

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