• Are you looking to have a commercial solar project installed in California or beyond? We have a strong track record designing and installing best-in-class, efficient, and bespoke solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems with the world’s leading solar panel manufacturers. 

    Where do we do this? We deliver commercial solar in San Diego, commercial solar in Los Angeles, and have installed commercial projects across the United States of America. At Stellar Solar, it is crucial to deliver customized solutions of all customer types. 

    We’ve installed for high profile customers including the Salk Institute, Loyola University, Cedars-Sinai, Scripps Ranch High School, San Diego Cardiac Center, City of Anaheim, US Foods, and Vandenberg Air Force Base. 

    All of these customers and more trusted Stellar with their commercial solar installations ranging in size from 7kW to more than 1MW! We have experience installing commercial solar projects from churches, apartment complexes, non-profit organizations, office buildings, parking lot canopies, ground mounts, manufacturing facilities, car dealerships, and many more.

    Making Commercial Solar Easy

    What’s cool about working with us is that our team of commercial solar specialists can walk you through the finance, grants, tax credits, and incentives. Everything to make your solar installation experience simple, streamlined, and easy. 

    In fact, our roofers perform a comprehensive roof evaluation to determine the state of the roof in order to ensure that your roof is suitable before we start installing solar panels. Once a plan is in place, our energy consultants will educate you on your selected solar service and any relevant financing options.

    We’ve installed solar for virtually every type of structure imaginable. Our commercial solar power services will maximize your energy efficiency while decreasing your electric bill. This is crucial especially as energy prices continuously rise in California. 

    Friendly on the Environment and Your Wallet

    Let’s be upfront, renewable energy is an important aspect of our energy mix of the future. While it’s true that ‘green’ and ‘clean’ energy is good for the environment - electricity costs are rising whether we like it or not. 

    In southern California, energy costs are consistently rising year-on-year. Businesses must adopt sustainable technologies as utilities (such as SDGE) continue to increase rates to help manage overall demand and provide a profit to shareholders. 

    Solar panels help businesses harness the sun’s energy at peak times while also reducing stress and demand on the electrical grid. Between solar panels, modern storage solutions, and a distributed grid - this is one of the best ways that we can tackle our high electricity bills (and even climate change) directly. 

    Plus, who doesn’t like showing off some corporate social responsibility, and demonstrating your commitment to reducing your organizational carbon footprint. All with the use of your self-generated renewable solar power that saves your money. Plus, with solar panels, the value of your property will increase in the event that you ever need to sell. 

    Serious Tax Benefits

    There is currently an enticing Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) that has helped thousands of businesses, homeowners, and organizations turn sunshine into clean and affordable energy. 

    Currently, the ITC is at 26% and is scheduled to drop again by 4% to a mere 22% beginning in January 2023. Why is the government doing this? They (currently) aim to promote the adoption of energy-efficient commercial solar solar systems in the United States. It’s no secret that diversifying the grid is important and the government wants a resilient energy mix for the country.

    Keep in mind that this means you can deduct 26% of the cost of your solar system from your federal corporate income taxes. This is a ‘dollar-for-dollar’ credit and the amount deducted is calculated by multiplying 26% by the "tax basis," which is the amount (or cost) that is invested in eligible property. 

    Eligible property includes solar panels, installation costs, racking, circuit breakers, energy storage devices, and even sales and use tax on equipment. This is huge stuff and means that now is a great time to lock in the savings while they’re available. Who knows what the future holds regarding solar legislation. There is no guarantee that future administrations will continue incentives for renewable energy. 

    Remember, it’s possible to claim the 26% tax credit next year even if your project isn't completed this year. We would just need to get the ball rolling and get started. 

    Solar Panel Servicing 

    Did you purchase a solar installation at some point, and the installer subsequently went out of business? This happens to a lot of people and you’re not alone. At Stellar Solar, we offer solar panel service and repair in the San Diego area. 

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a previous customer of ours or not - we are happy to help homeowners, businesses and other organizations with their solar needs. We service residential homes, ground mounts, commercial scale projects, and much more. 

    Many of our clients include large scale solar projects: from churches, to parking lot solar canopies, to grocery stores, to almost every type of installation you can imagine. But - most of our service customers are homeowners - particularly those whose original solar installer has gone out of business. 

    This is where we come in to help. While photovoltaic solar is typically reliable and requires little maintenance - stuff happens over time. Our solar panel inspection services include the following:

    • Inverter cleaning 
    • Interconnection breaker inspection
    • Main service and inverter inspection
    • Solar panels and inverter connection inspection
    • Compliance analysis of current building and fire code
    • Shading tests
    • Wire nut replacement (with heavy duty equivalent)
    • Monitoring equipment inspection
    • System performance report

    Don’t forget to contact us when solar maintenance in San Diego is required. We are happy to help everyone from residential homeowners, to large-scale commercial projects. It’s a pleasure to take your questions and show you a route to multiple decades of electric bill savings. 

    Let’s change the world, while lowering your power bill and reducing your overheads. Not a bad idea when you put it that way! If you want to achieve this, get in touch and we’ll walk you through the process.

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  • About the Author

    Michael Powers


    Michael is one of the founding partners of Stellar Solar. In 2001, he helped launch The Home Depot’s national solar energy program which is now offering home solar through hundreds of stores in nearly a dozen states. He is a writer and marketing professional with over 30 years’ experience in the fields of energy, market intelligence and leadership training. He currently serves as treasurer and board member of Global Energy Network Institute (GENI), a San Diego-based non-governmental organization that advocates linking renewable energy resources around the world using electricity transmission.