• Add Solar Panels to An Existing System in San Diego

    As San Diego is such a perfect place to go solar, thousands and thousands of homeowners have opted to install solar panels on their roofs over the last 20 years. As the years have gone by and as electric rates have continued to go up in SDG&E territory, some homeowners who were installed years ago may have systems that are not large enough or powerful enough to offset the very high electric rates that now exist. In these cases, homeowners who were installed years ago may be looking to add on to their existing systems such that they are producing enough power to offset the current days high rates. If that sounds like you, Stellar Solar can help.

    Why You May Want to Add More Panels

    • More Production to Offset Current High Rates - Like we have stated, many homeowners in San Diego who installed solar in its early days may have systems that were designed to offset electric rates at the time, rates that were much lower than they are today. As a result, they may no longer be offsetting their whole bill, and therefore, are not reaping the full benefits of the solar. These homeowners may just need to add a few more panels to offset modern day rates.

    • Offset Home Addition - Some homeowners may want to add more panels to offset a new home addition that is making usage go up. This could be a heated pool, a granny flat, a home office, etc. The increase in usage can easily be offset by adding a few panels, which can be well worth it in the long run.

    • Offset Electric Vehicle - As electric vehicles are becoming more popular, many homeowners are charging at home so they don’t have to pay for gas. As a result of this, many homeowners electric usage is going up, and solar is a great way to offset that. By installing extra panels you can easily offset the extra usage that charging your electric car will add, and what’s better is you will be charging your car with the Sun.

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  • Making Sure Your System is Compatible

    When adding solar panels to an existing system, you’ll want to make sure that the new panels and inverters will be compatible with your existing system. An experienced installer with an in-house team of electricians should be able to do this easily and make your new panels compatible. That’s why, when adding solar panels to an existing system, you should make sure the installer you hire is experienced and has a proven track record of success. 

  • Why Stellar Solar

    So if you are looking to add solar panels to an existing system in San Diego, look no further than Stellar Solar. We have been installing solar in Southern California for over 21 years, and have worked with every panel brand out there. We also have a NABCEP certified team of electricians on staff, so we are able to ensure that your new panels will be compatible with the old system. So if you’re looking to add panels to your system, contact us today.