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    Aliso Viejo is a large planned community in the San Joaquin Hills of Southern Orange County, CA.  It is a great place to work and live, as there are many large subdivisions stacked with families, and it is home to large companies like AND1, Buy.com, and Ketel One Vodka.  With its huge amount of yearly sunshine, it's also a great place to save money on your power bills by switching to solar.  

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Aliso Viejo

    Aliso Viejo has seen a huge surge in solar installations over the last few years.  Like much of Southern California, homeowners in Aliso Viejo have finally woken up to the many benefits of solar.  Luckily, they have had SunPower by Stellar Solar to thank for many of the quality installations in the area.  SunPower by Stellar Solar has been installing in the area since 1998, back when solar was first getting popular.  Since then we've had tremendous success in the area, accruing over 200+ positive reviews across the internet, and being voted the best solar company in San Diego by readers of the Union Tribune 5 out of the last 7 years.  Our longevity in the market has been due exclusively to our quality reputation.

    SunPower Aliso Viejo 

    Homeowners who look into solar will find that, when looking at panel efficiency, and system aesthetics, SunPower is the best.  That's why we are excited to have partnered with them in 2016 to become their first SunPower Master Dealer in Southern California.  Through an in-depth evaluation of our processes and installation, SunPower granted us Master Dealer status as they saw that we had proven ourselves in the San Diego market.  Now we install exclusively SunPower, and are proud to represent their international brand of excellence on a local level.

    If you want to learn more about solar power in Aliso Viejo, contact us and schedule a free solar site evaluation today.

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