• Arcilla Solar Power

    Arcilla is a beatiful small town in Riverside County, CA. Due to its location in the desert, Arcilla is a perfect place to go solar on your home to save a ton of money on your power bills.  Luckily for Arcilla homeowners, SunPower by Stellar Solar has been installing solar in the area since 1998, and has the experience and knowledge how to install solar in any situation to help you start saving money. We’re known for our excellence in the area as we have installed over 6,500+ across Southern California.  We've also been voted best Solar Company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years by readers of the Union Tribune San Diego.

    We also boast a large portfolio of substantial commercial clients that have gone solar to help their bottom line.  Some of our more notable clients include the Salk Institute, US Foodservice, and Warmderdam Packing Co.  We're trusted by these big names because we're known to be successful.

    It should also be noted that we are the first SunPower Master Dealer in the area.  SunPower Master Dealers are stringently chosen by SunPower after a in-depth qualification process, in which SunPower evaluates the quality of installations and customer service of the company.  We became a Master Dealer at the end of 2016, which were ecstatic to be awarded.


  • Check out a sampling of our 6,500+ installations from around the county: