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    Solar Installation Bay Ho

    Bay Ho is a beautiful area in San Diego that is close to the beach and downtown.  It is directly to the east Pacific Beach, and is in the Clairemont area so it combines the best of both the San Diego beach life and the suburban Clairemont life.  Due to it's central location, it's a great place to work, live, and raise a family.  Families in Bay Ho who are trying to save money on their power bills have increasingly turned towards solar to zero out their electric bills.  

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Bay Ho

    Bay Ho homeowners expect quality contractors.  With so many homeowners in such a condensed area, word gets around quickly about the good, and the bad contractors out there.  That's why SunPower by Stellar Solar has thrived in the area.  We've earned a reputation of being the best solar company in not only Bay Ho, but San Diego in general, through our 20 years of quality installations and customer service.  That consistency and longevity in the market has earned us over 200+ positive reviews across the internet and has lead us to being voted the best solar company in San Diego 4 out of the last 5 years.  We also became a SunPower Master Dealer recently, chosen out of hundreds of local solar companies to represent SunPower exclusively in the San Diego area.

    SunPower Bay Ho

    Bay Ho homeowners demand quality, everyone knows it.  If you're one of those homeowners who only demands the best, then you should check out SunPower panels.  SunPower is known for creating the most efficient, durable, and good-looking panels on the market.  With efficiencies reaching over 22%, a 25 year warranty, and an over 30 year useful life, SunPower panels deliver more power for longer, delivering a better ROI in the long run.  So if you're looking to get the highest quality panels, SunPower panels should be your choice.

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