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  • Here is a message from Kent Harle, a co-founder and CEO of Stellar Solar.

    When I found out that we won this year I was thrilled again – as this award continues to raise the bar higher every year for us as a company. We are far from perfect, we’ve made every mistake in the book but we learn from those mistakes and they don’t happen again. Twenty years in business powering San Diego home and business owners has given us the experience that not many solar installers have in San Diego. I have a team of about 80 of the best people you would ever want to work with, or have work on your home. I feel comfortable with every one of them going into a home to present homeowners with all their options. Our win this year, and the sixth time in eight years proves, without a doubt that we really are the best at what we do. Our sales team is the most seasoned in the industry, still focusing on educating the customer rather than high pressure tactics. Folks recognize that and we are rewarded with more homeowners going solar with us than not. If you look us up on Yelp, you will see a lot of great reviews and a few bad ones because we are human. That said, you will notice that we always try and resolve our complaints in a manner that benefits our customers.

    Thanks for including us in your search, I think you will like our style.

    Kent Harle, CEO