• Commercial Solar Vista

    Businesses, non-profit organizations, and faith-based organizations in Vista have become aware of benefits of solar on their bottom line, and have turned to Stellar Solar for installation.  Encinitas Foreign and Domestic Auto for example went solar with Stellar Solar and installed four large solar parking shades.  This installation is saving them thousands of dollars a year, which gives them more funds to back into the church and congregation.

    Commercial Solar Installation Vista

    Stellar Solar has been installing commercial solar in Vista for over 20 years.  Since our beginnings in 1998, we've installed over 12,000 installations on homes across Southern California, including on some top-tier companies and institutions like Cedars-Sinai Hospital, the Salk Institute, US Foods and more.  We are able to greatly reduce or even eliminate your electric bills completely, and can handle every step of the process from financing to permitting.  

    We can also install monitoring so that you can see your production on the panel level.  This allows you to see how your system is performing at all times, so you can hold us accountable at the panel level.  We're all about maximizing your production, and therefore your savings.