• S-Tile Roof Solar Installation San Diego

    Concrete tile solar installations are among the most common in San Diego. One of the most common type of homes in San Diego, especially in the suburbs, is the classic Spanish style home with stucco and tile roofing. Due to their commonality, we have long perfected our installation methods when it comes to this roof type, and can perform them cleaner, quicker, and with less roof penetration than other solar companies. That's why we are San Diego's concrete tile roof installation specialists. 

    In the name of transparency, we want our customers to know how we install solar on their concrete tile roofs. That's why we put together this short cutsheet of the steps involved to install on concrete tile roofs, so you the customer can know exactly how we do it in the cleanest way possible. Check it out below.

  • 1 - The array is first laid out by measurements supplied from the initial site survey.
    2 - The tile is then carefully pulled and the rafters are located.
    3 - The tile hook is then fitted with a butyl rubber tape and mastic is also applied to the roof surface.
    4 - The tile hook is then attached to the roof via lag bolts through the tile hook that. Once tightened to specs. This creates a sandwich like effect with the sealants that have been applied to ensure a water tight barrier.
    5 - L-Feet are then attached to the tile hooks.

  • 6 - The rails are then attached to the L-feet.
    7 - Once the rails are leveled and secure a junction box is then installed to the top rail of each array I circuit.
    8 -A conduit penetration is then made into the attic. (should circumstances permit for an attic/conduit installation.) 9 - The electrical is completed. (wire pulled to the main service/sub panel.)
    10 - Lastly. All the modules are installed one by one. All racking hardware (mid & end clamps) is then torqued to manufacturers specifications.