• Ecofasten Solar Racking San Diego

    Ecofasten solar panel mounting technology is known as some of the best in the solar industry. The founder himself started as a rooftop solar installer, so the technology is designed by solar installers for solar installers. Now Ecofasten provides versatile solutions for pv installation on all roof types, and have racking models designed specifically for different varieties of roofs.

    Stellar Solar is excited to utilize Ecofasten solar mounting technology in their installations.

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  • Why Ecofasten?

  • Fast and Easy Installation

  • Functional Design

  • Secure and Safe

  • Cost Effective

  • Products

  • The GF-1

    The GF-1 is a versatile racking solution for composition shingle roof installations. During installation, a single fastener is used, meaning the installation is quicker. The GF-1's flashing EcoFasten compression bracket and grommet system creates a watertight seal that protects the roof.

  • ECO-44R-NDD

    44R-NDD is the perfect solution for installing on structural insulated panels (SIPs). The unique baseplate uses eight fasteners allows the system to be installed directly on to the roof without penetrating a rafter. 

  • Quickfoot

    QuikFoot solar racking flashing is a good alternative for composition shingle and slate roofs. Its unique technology utilizes two self-drilling attachment points to optimize pullout. Installation is very fast because a baseplate is included