• Enphase Home Battery Storage in San Diego

    At Stellar Solar, we have been assisting San Diego homeowners to assert their energy independence for the past 20 years. 

    We are now installing Enphase Storage to provide automatic backup power for your home while powering your electric vehicles and other necessities. 

    • Aesthetic, flexible, and modular design: perfect for any homeowner and style
    • Built-in generator integration
    • Safe and secure cobalt-free battery technology that is better for the planet
    • Smooth integration with Enphase microinverters
    • Scalable Enphase units of any type
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  • Manage Your Enphase Battery from Your Phone

    Enphase Storage is managed through their all-in-one mobile app - the same one that is used for Enphase Solar. It’s handy to easily check how much energy you’ve stored and how much backup power you have available.

  • What Makes Enphase Home Batteries Special?


    • Safe: Enphase Storage is designed with the safest battery chemistry available - Lithium Iron Phosphate. This is a cobalt-free technology containing no high-voltage electricity. It is also the first microinverter storage system to receive UL's strict 9540A listing!
    • Strong: Enphase’s technology is scalable and technologically advanced. You can put it on autopilot with Storm Guard™ technology to prepare for a blackout. Enphase Storage was created to integrate gas- or diesel-powered generators to expand off-grid mode.
    • Secure: Enphase Storage can provide surge current to match short-term power needs, such as when you start a refrigerator, sump pump, or HVAC unit. This ensures that you always have power. Additionally, the Encharge 10™ includes 12 IQ 8™ microinverters while the Encharge 3™ includes four. If a microinverter fails, the backup microinverters keep the power running.

    Check out the Data Sheets below:

    Enphase Encharge 3

    Enphase Encharg 10