• Enphase Inverter Repair San Diego

    Enphase is the most widely used and popular solar inverter brand on the market.  They are some of the most powerful and easy to install, as well as the safest inverters out there.  Due to their high quality, and ease of install, Enphase inverters are everywhere.

    Due to the explosion of solar in the past few years, there are a ton of solar companies that have come and gone.  And, due to the prevalence of Enphase monitors in the market, there are a now a ton of homeowners that have Enphase monitors that need service and have no company to fix them.  That's where we come in.

    We can service, inspect, repair, and replace your Enphase inverter.  We have over 20 years in the solar industry and have many techs who have installed and repaired Enphase.  That's why we are the go-to source for inverter maintenance in San Diego, as we have the most familiarity with the inverters. 

  • Inverter Repair Services

    Our inverter repair services include:

    • Inspection of all connections between Main Service and inverter
    • Inspection of all connections between Solar panels and inverter
    • Cleaning of Inverter
    • Repair of Inverter
    • Replacement of Inverter