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    Escondido is a beautiful city located 30 miles north of San Diego that is renowned for its Mediterranean climate and scenic terrain. It is also an ideal location for Escondido residential and commercial solar.

    Solar installations in Escondido have access to over 2,000 hours of usable sunlight a year. This means Escondido solar homeowners are in one of the best locations in the United States to benefit from solar power.  On average, Escondido homeowners could save up to $1,000 a year by making the switch.  Instead of throwing your money at SDGE, you’ll be putting money towards your own solar system.

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Escondido

    Escondido homeowners have been installing solar with SunPower by Stellar Solar for over 20 years.  Being located in North County, we've installed hundreds of systems on hundreds of homes in Escondido.  If you look online, that longevity and dominance in the Escondido market have garnered us hundreds of reviews from Escondido and around San Diego.  We've got 200+ positive reviews on Google+, Facebook, Nextdoor and more.  Our significant presence has allowed us to garner massive respect in the area, which has lead us to being voted best solar company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years including in 2017.  We are proud to have received this honor and hope we can continue to serve San Diego for years to come.

    SunPower Escondido

    SunPower panels are the best in the world, without a doubt.  Their record-breaking efficiencies, plus their award-winning Useful Life put them are above comparable panels, producing more power for longer, delivering a better ROI for homeowners.  We are proud to have become San Diego's first SunPower Master Dealer in 2016.  SunPower chose us due to our long life and legendary reputation in the market, and made us a Master Dealer after a stringent evaluation of our processes and customer service.  We are excited to combine our honed installation services with SunPower's powerful panels.

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