• Flat Roof Solar Installation San Diego

    Many homes in San Diego have flat roofs, which are comprised of a number of materials. Many homeowners who have these flat roofs think that their roof may not work for solar as they don't face a certain direction. The truth is that these flat roofs can be great for solar, as they have a ton of space and are easily accessible. We have a signature installation method we use on these types of roofs that is non-penetrating and easy to install that can accommodate a ton of panels.

    In the spirit of transparency we wanted to share our flat roof installation process and how it works, so the customer can know just what is going to happen on their roof. 

  • 1 - The array is first laid out by measurements supplied from the initial site survey.
    2 - The Ballast Bays are the set into position.
    3 - Next the modules are installed onto the Ballast Bays. The supplied connection points are then torqued to manufacturers specifications. 4 - Once everything is positioned according to the plans the electrical is then installed.

  • 5 - Once complete, wind deflectors are then installed to the ballast bays per manufacturers specifications. 

  • So if you want to install solar on your flat roof, contact us today. We will get you installed and producing in no time.