• Generac Battery Backup San Diego

    The time to install solar + battery backup in San Diego is now. That's because now more than ever, saving money and backing up your home power is essential. What with Time of Use charges in SDGE territory, plus the rolling blackouts being implemented to avoid fires, more homeowners are looking at solar + battery backup than ever, and one battery that many homeowners are looking at is the Generac battery.  The good news for homeowners in San Diego is that Stellar Solar can help them install solar + a Generac battery, or just a battery if solar is already on the home. 

    The new Generac PWRcell battery is an easily configurable home backup battery system with capacities from 8.6kWh to 17.1kWh. These sizes can fit any lifestyle or budget and can provide you full battery backup so that durings times of power outage, your home can switch to battery power to keep the lights on. Especially during these times where more of us are working and schooling from home, this type of backup power is even more important than ever. The last thing you want is to be on an important business call and your power to be turned off. Installing solar + battery backup can help you avoid that situation.
    The PWRcell energy monitoring software also makes it so that you can use your stored energy when electric rates are higher, which saves you money and limits your electric use. In these times of high Time of Use charges in the afternoon and night, when most people are home using appliances, it's important to understand how usage in those times can affect your bill. With battery backup, you can program your battery to save power for use during those peak times so you don't have to pull from the grid, which can save you hundreds of dollars on your electric bill. 
    If you're a homeowner in San Diego, installing solar + a battery like the PWRcell is a no-brainer. The great news is that Stellar Solar has been installing solar for over 22 years, and batteries since they first became available. We have a history of excellence in San Diego, illustrated by our over 250+ 5-star reviews across various review platforms. So if you're looking for a reliable contractor that will install your battery and program it to backup your home and offset Time of Use charges, contact us today. We can work up a quote for you virtually, and get you installed in 30 days or less in most cases.
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