• HelioPower Out of Business: What Do I Do?

    HelioPower, a US-based solar energy provider, that has done thousands and thousands of installations nationwide, filed for bankruptcy in 2017. Since then they've had constant issues, and if you look at their Yelp, barely respond to their own customers complaints. So if you're a former HelioPower customer, and you have a solar system that needs repair or maintenance, you may be left hanging high and dry with no call back from HelioPower.

    If this sounds like you, Stellar Solar can help you. We can service systems installed by any solar company, getting them back up and operational so that you can get back to producing and saving. We've survived the ups and downs of the solar industry, holding on through the good and the bad times - so you know we'll be here for the long run. So if you need solar service, contact us using the contact form to the right, and we can get you scheduled for service.

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  • We already had a system installed and running when we realized our life needs more love from that fiery star. Be VERY cautious if your installer tosses around key phrases such as " you can always install more later" and "do you really know how much you use?" (actually, I work for a lab and quantify energy so this argument doesn't go far with me) and the old standby " the govt substidies are about to run out, you need to hurry if you want this amazing price"
    Stellar was a breath of fresh air. They did a comparative study between the cell outputs and warranties and even took the time to go over inverter design specifics. I like that! Very proffesional, courteous from start to finish. No pressure, not once, Joe eased my mind about the permitting process and even tried to tie
    Our old system to the new one for the online app. I now know we extract all we need from the sun and it should be producing long after I'm gone.

    Sid S., Yelp 5/25/2021