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    Hillcrest is a famous neighborhood in San Diego that is famous for it's trendy homes and boutique stores.  It's near downtown, pretty close to the beach and also near some large companies.  Due to these factors, its a great place to work and live, and also a great place to save money by switching to solar.  Due to its inland location, those power bills can stack up, so switching to solar can free you from the grip of the power company and allow you to attain energy independence.  

    Stellar Solar in Hillcrest

    Since its beginnings, solar has been a very popular commodity in Hillcrest.  Hillcrest homeowners are generally a savvy and forward-thinking bunch, and therefore solar has thrived in the area.  All the while, Hillcrest homeowners have been choosing Stellar Solar to install their high quality SunPower panels.  We have developed a reputation of success over our 20 years in business, earning accolades like being voted the Best Solar Company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years, and becoming SunPower Regional Dealer of the year very recently.  We also have over 250 positive reviews across the internet, including over 150 5-star reviews on Yelp.  It's clear that we've proven that we are the very best in San Diego.

    SunPower Hillcrest

    We are very excited to have become a SunPower Master Dealer in  2016, the first one in San Diego and Southern California.  Now we are certified by SunPower to be the best installation company in Southern California.  Trusted by the international brand to represent them on the local level.

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