• How do I read my Electric Meter?

    Meter with dials and a disc:

    You will see the disc spinning forward when you are consuming electricity. The disc will be spinning backwards (towards the left) when you are sending energy back into the grid.

    For Southern California Edison residents:

    Your electronic meter rotates through 3 different screens for 5 seconds at a time.

    • The first screen displays your electricity usage and can be identified by the “001” in the upper left-hand corner. It displays the total kilowatt hours used. Each time you use a kilowatt hour of electricity, the counter will increase by one—just like a car’s odometer. This counter will not reset for each new billing cycle.
    • When you are drawing electricity, an arrow points to the right.
    • When you are producing electricity over and above what you are using—putting electricity into the grid—an arrow points to the left.
    • The acronym “PId” in the upper left-hand corner of your meter signifies Program ID mode.
    • The final screen, identified by “888” in the upper left-hand corner, is the Self-Test mode. This screen will display a series of 8’s, indicating the meter is working properly.

    For more information about how to read your electric meter please visit Southern California Edison's website.