• How to Go Solar in Jacksonville

    Stellar Solar is one of the most experienced residential solar and energy storage companies in the United States of America. We have been powering homes and businesses since 1998. We install a variety of solar, battery storage and electric vehicle connectivity solutions. We have a variety of solutions so everyone can experience the benefits of solar power and energy storage in the comfort of their own home. We can accommodate any type of budget and energy needs.

    Florida Power & Light Company, Jacksonville Electric Authority, and other local electric companies offer net energy metering (NEM) programs that can earn you bill credits for the excess solar power that you create and send to the grid! Net metering in Jacksonville can help you save serious money on your energy bills, so you can finally worry less about your AC and pool heating costs. 

    Jacksonville has an impressive 221 days of sunshine per year compared to the USA’s average of 205 days of sun per year. Not only this, Jacksonville’s weather is warm enough to produce solar power year-round. It’s a perfect climate that doesn’t get snow or other weather factors that aren’t conducive to generating solar power. 

    Aside from weather, going solar in the Jacksonville area is an excellent financial option for homeowners:

    1. Saving Money on the Electricity Bill: This is huge for anyone who runs AC or has a high electricity bill. JEA has a Distributed Generation Policy which means that solar homeowners who generate excess electricity will receive an energy credit to offset their monthly electricity bill.

    2. Taking Advantage of Incentives: It’s a fantastic time to take advantage of incentives such as the 26% Federal Tax Credit. Not only this, the state of Florida has numerous solar incentives to help homeowners adapt and go solar such as the property tax exemption.

    Producing Clean Energy: When you go solar, you’re taking advantage of an abundant natural resource and also lessening pressure on the power grid. Utility companies are often happy that their customers are lessening stress on the power grid.

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  • Jacksonville Solar Incentives

    Homeowners in the Jacksonville area could potentially take out a PACE loan to pay for their solar system. PACE loans help folks to pay back the loan through property tax payments. Aside from this, the largest incentive to install solar in Jacksonville is the strong 26% federal tax credit. The credit expires in 2023, so you’ll want to go solar sooner than later to take full financial advantage of going solar. 

    It’s a great deal. Between the tax credit, net metering, and the Florida property tax exemption - Jacksonville truly is an ideal place to go solar. Net metering means that excess energy generated by your solar panels is delivered to the utility company who in turn credits to your utility account. This reduces your electric bill! On top of this, the state of Florida allows net metering which is why solar has grown exponentially in our state. 

    If you purchase a home battery and electric vehicle, it’s also another clever way to run your life on the sun. You can use your solar panels to power your home and your cars. 

    Stellar Solar in the Jacksonville Area

    We’ve been powering homes, businesses, and utility-scale organizations with solar power since 1998! We’ve established a strong track record of constructing over 14,000 rooftop and ground mounted solar installations across America. 

    We’re proud to be consistently voted Best Solar Power company by our loyal customers. We have 20+ years worth of positive customer reviews. Because of this, customer referrals are our #1 source of business. 

    Our team of solar energy consultants take an educational and no-pressure approach to informing people about solar. Plus, we offer a strong variety of solar panel, inverter, and battery storage solutions for any type of home or budget. Feel free to contact us today and schedule a quick, no-pressure virtual solar consultation.

    Ground Mount Solar in Jacksonville

    For Florida homeowners who have space that is next to their homes, our state-of-the-art ground mount systems are always an option. Ground mount solar in Jacksonville is a fantastic way to utilize unused land without interfering with your home's roofing. 

    We have installed ground mounts on an array of homes, estates, rural properties, hillsides, vineyards and farms. We’ve also made many commercial and utility scale ground mount projects on top of this. 

    At Stellar Solar, we have developed our own proprietary ground mount structures that are the highest quality available on the market.  Our arrays are over-built with 12 gauge square tubing and stainless joints.  This allows us to build perfectly flat arrays that are sturdy and resistant to virtually any type of weather conditions.

    EV Charger Installation Jacksonville

    Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular in Florida, and for good reason. Being able to charge your car with a battery at home to avoid rising gas prices is a gamechanger. 


    For starters, it will save you thousands of dollars every year. Plus, it’s an environmentally conscious decision, that allows you to run your life on Florida’s most abundant natural resource - the sun. It's no surprise that EV chargers have taken off recently.

    If you live in Jacksonville and need EV charger installation, we can help. We are fully licensed electricians who have been installing car chargers and solar panels for over 20 years. We can install your car charger and solar.

    Plus, we can give you a comprehensive tutorial on how it works and how best to optimize your EV charger in conjunction with your solar. 

    Why EV + Solar in Jacksonville?

    With electric vehicles, your car will charge from the electricity that your solar panels generate, unless you merely want to draw power directly from the grid.

    If you have an electric vehicle charger or home battery, that will be using some extra electricity to power your car. That’s why it’s a wise idea to install solar to power your home + EV. 

    If you install solar, you can eliminate your electric bill, and create enough power to fuel your EV as well. It's an amazing concept - Zero Net Energy. Powering your home and your car on the Sun. 

    The savings also can be astronomical and many of our customers have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. It’s no surprise given how much people are paying for gas and electricity these days. 

    Jacksonville Homeowners: Act now to Receive the Federal Tax Incentive!

    In 2020, Congress extended the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) which offers a 26% tax credit for all solar systems installed between 2020-2022. 

    However - this incentive expires by the end of 2022. This means that you effectively have 12 months to take advantage of the 26% tax credit. It goes down to 22% in 2023 and expires in 2024.

    Truly, now is the ideal time to go solar and maximize your savings. Take advantage of all incentives while they are available. 

    Let’s check out an example of the Tax Credit in action: it’s equal to up to 26% of the total cost of your solar system. Thus, if you purchase a $22,000 solar system you would get a tax credit of $5,720.

    This tax incentive is available to homeowners who purchase a solar system with cash or with a loan. This means that even if you get a loan you can receive a strong tax break while instantly lowering (or eliminating) your electricity bill

    It’s not often that Jacksonville homeowners can achieve such significant financial savings with one shrewd financial move. 

    Stellar Solar’s Track Record

    We’re proud of our reputation as a “Best Solar Power company”. This has been established by 20+ years worth of positive customer reviews! Customer referrals are our #1 source of new business. We maintain an overwhelming amount of positive ratings on Yelp with 5-star reviews from hundreds of happy customers. 

    Our expert team of solar professionals take a firmly educational approach to informing people about solar. We cater to the needs of any Florida homeowner who is thinking about going solar. Everything from small roofs in urban settings, to ground mounts in the countryside - we can help. 

    If you are thinking about installing residential solar in Jacksonville - we have the track-record to ensure that it happens perfectly for your home. Take the first step towards clean energy and lowering your electricity bills. Call us for a free solar site evaluation today.