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    Lake Rancho Viejo is a beautiful neighborhood in Fallbrook, CA that lies in the pocket right where Highway 78 and Interstate 15 meet.  Lake Rancho Viejo happens to be a perfect neighborhood for solar, as many of the roofs face south, which is optimal for sun exposure.  Many residents of the neighborhood have already made the switch, including Noah Sacks at 4847 Dulin Rd.  Noah went solar and has since been enjoying zeroed out electric bills and the savings that result from it.  He also happens to be a Stellar Solar employee so he knows the real benefits of making the switch.  If you know Noah, you know he's a funny guy, but he takes his solar system seriously.

  • Solar Installation Lake Rancho Viejo

    "I can't say enough great things about going solar. We have lived in this community since 2007, and as my kids grow, so does our energy costs. My son is 13 years old, Niece 19 years old, and wife have definitely felt the pain in rising utility costs. Between Air Conditioning, Laundry, TV's, Computers, video games (you parents know what I'm talking about), and the house lit up like times square as the kids forget how to flip a switch off, the bill continues to RISE.

    That is why I chose to go solar.
    Since I've added Solar to our home, our monthly statements are now $0.00. It is an awesome feeling to see that arrow on our meter run backwards 
    The question is not IF to go Solar, but WHEN."
    -Noah Sacks, Lake Ranch Viejo Resident, 4847 Dulin Rd.
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