• Have a Leaky Roof With Solar Panels?

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    Having solar panels installed can bring many benefits - lower electric bills, tax credits, a smaller carbon footprint. But like all good things, there are of course downsides to having solar panels. The main one, which cannot be overlooked, is that, if the panels are installed by a shoddy contractor, that roof damage can be done by the installation of the panels. While this is still a rare occurence, it does happen.

    Damaged rooftops can lead to a plethora of disasters, the most common being roof leaks. Now that it is winter here in San Diego, and the rains have come, there are a ton of solar homeowners that are starting to see the downside, as their roofs are starting to leak, and the culprit is likely the solar panels. The only solution to this is to remove the solar panels, fix the roof, and then of course, safely reinstall the panels.

    If you're a homeowner in this situation, we're here to help. We have a ton of experience doing solar panel removal and replacements, especially on the roofs here in San Diego. We can remove the system in hours, and reinstall it safely so that no further leaks occur. So if you're looking to have your system removed due to a roof leak - call us today, we can help.

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