• LG 375W Solar Panel Installation San Diego

    LG, the multinational electronics company, stepped into solar over 20 years ago and produce some of the highest efficiency and cost-effective panels in the world. The LG 375W panel is no exception. Its high efficiency, excellent warranty and beautiful aesthetics make it a top choice for homeowners going solar. That's why Stellar Solar is proud to be the premiere installer of LG solar panels in San Diego.

    To learn more about the LG 375W panel, download the datasheet below:

    LG 375W Datasheet

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  • High Efficiency

    19.0% efficiency so you create more power with less panels

  • Comprehensive Warranty

    25-year warranty so your investment is protected

  • Weather Resistant

    Highly resistant to extreme weather so you keep producing no matter what

  • Reliable Monitoring

    24/7 Monitoring so you can track production

  • Technical Details

  • PV Product Performance
    Rated Power375W
    Rated Power Cell6.3W
  • Warranty
    Output Warranty Term25 year linear
    DegradationYear 1: 2.0% - Years 20 to 25: 0.3%
    Output at End of Warranty90.8%
    Materials Warranty Term25 years