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    Mead Valley is a city in Riverside County, CA that lies in a valley in the Northeastern Temescal Mountains.  It's a small suburban town that gets a ton of Sun.  It is surrounded by several large cities, so the opportunities for work and family life are ample in the area.  Unfortunately, due to it's inland location, A/C bills can get very high in the Summer.  That's why, if you're a Mead Valley homeowner, going solar could potentially save you a ton of money.  

    Solar Installation Mead Valley

    Since solar started to become popular in Mead Valley, SunPower by Stellar Solar has been there to make the installations happen.  For over 20 years, we've been delivering the highest quality solar soluations to customers of all types in and around Mead Valley, including at Warmerdam Packing Co. in Hamford, CA.  Mead Valley homeowners have been trusting SunPower by Stellar Solar due to many reasons, including our winning of the San Diego Union Tribune's Readers Poll for best solar company 5 out of the last 7 years.  Add that to our over 150+ positive reviews across the internet, and we are the obvious choice for a solar contractor in Southern California.  

    SunPower Mead Valley

    Many homeowners in Mead Valley have very high electric bills in the Summer, but many don't have the roof or property space to install enough solar panels to offset their bill.  In this situation, installing SunPower panels makes the most sense, as they produce the most power of any solar panel out there.  That means that you can produce sometimes at least twice the amount of power as other panels, which means you don't need that much roof space to produce the amount of power needed to zero out your bills.

    Fortunately for Mead Valley homeowners, we recently became a SunPower Master Dealer, specifically certified by SunPower to represent their global brand on the most exclusive local level.  SunPower chose us specifically out of thousands of local solar companies due to our history of success, along with our top-of-class installation quality and customer service.  So if you're a Mead Valley homeowner looking for solar, SunPower panels, and SunPower by Stellar Solar, should be included in your research.

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