• Miami Residential Solar

    Miami has always been known for being a city of sunshine and summer weather. Unsurprisingly, it’s an ideal climate for solar with 248 days of sun per year compared to the United States average of 205.

    Going solar in Miami is the perfect option for anyone who is a homeowner. Not only can you save money on your electricity bill (a game-changer for anyone who uses AC), but you can also run your life on clean, green energy that lessens the pressure on the local utility power grid.

    Stellar Solar in Miami

    We have been powering homes and businesses since 1998. In addition to this, we’ve installed over 14,000 rooftop and ground mounted solar panel systems for residential and commercial solar installations. Our reputation as the Best Solar Power company has been established by 20+ years worth of positive customer reviews. 

    Because of this, customer referrals are our number one source of new business, which is reflected by our overwhelmingly five star reviews on Yelp. 

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  • Net Metering for Solar Panels in Miami FL

    Net metering is when any excess power generated by your solar panels is sent to the utility company. All of this power is then credited to your utility account, reducing your electric bill. 

    The state of Florida allows net metering which means that Florida Power & Light and Duke Energy both provide net metering for customers who are going solar in Miami.

    The 26% Federal Tax Credit

    This is an enticing incentive for any taxpayer. If you purchase a solar system in Miami for cash or a loan. Let’s use an example: you buy a solar system that costs $25,000 and you receive a tax credit of $6,500. That’s a hefty discount on your taxes.

    It’s nice because if you don’t use the whole tax credit - you can roll the credit on to next year if needed. Keep in mind that the tax credit expires at the end of 2023 (which is coming sooner than later) and you should take advantage of this while you can!

    Property and Sales Tax Exemption for Solar in Miami

    Yes - in Miami homeowners who go solar will be property and sales tax exempt on their solar panels. That’s a big deal! You’re automatically saving 6% on your solar purchase and also not need to worry about property tax. Not to mention you’re also increasing your home value while saving money on your electricity bill.

    Our team of seasoned solar energy consultants take a consultative, educational, and no-pressure approach to solar education. At Stellar Solar, we offer a variety of solar panel, inverter, and battery storage solutions for every type of home and budget. 

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