• Michael Powers on the Solar Tax Credit

    San Diego Homeowners,
    Did you know 2019 is the last year that homeowners can get the full 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit.  That's why we want to educate homeowners about the Tax Credit NOW, so that they can take advantage of it while it's still at its peak.
    How Does the Solar Tax Credit Work? Whatever the total cost of your solar is, 30% of that number is actually refunded to you when you file your income tax return. Say you buy a $10,000 solar system, 30% of that, or $3,000 dollars, will be refunded to you on your taxes, making the total cost of system $7,000.
    I explain it more in this video:

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  • When is the Solar Tax Credit Phasing Out?

    What homeowners should know is that 2019 is the last year you can get the full 30% Tax Credit for solar. So if you want to get the maximum refund, go solar as soon as you can to save the most money. Learn more about the history of the Solar Tax Credit and it's phase out in this video: 


  • The History of the Federal Solar Tax Credit

  • So if you've been looking at solar and haven't made the leap, this is the last year that you can save on 30% of your system with the Federal Solar Tax Credit. The government will literally pay you to go solar, so why not take advantage of it?