• Can Your Rooftop Generate a MILLION DOLLARS?



    You betcha!  Here’s how:


    Step 1: Purchase a SunPower solar system to eliminate your electric bill        

    Step 2: Put Zero Down and finance your solar panels for 15 years at 3.99% with a fixed monthly payment

    Step 3:  Trade in your car for an Electric Vehicle to save money on gas

    Step 4: Calculate the savings from the money that you would have paid SDGE for your electric usage and the amount of gasoline that you purchase monthly

    Step 5: Reinvest the savings

  • What would you do with $1,000,000?


    Please check out the $1,000,000 scenario below then contact one of our Energy Consultants to walk you through your individual scenario.  Scroll down to request a quote.

    Kent Harle, CEO


  • In 30 years with the power of compound interest, your invested savings could exceed $1,000,000!

    Use the extra $1,000,000 for retirement, college, trips, or whatever you can dream of!  

    There is an old saying, money does not grow on trees, but we believe it can fall from the sky via the sun!

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