• The Solar Tax Credit is dropping from 26% to 22% next year!

    Stellar Solar will pay the 4% difference through November 30th! 

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  • Stellar Solar will pay the 4% Tax Credit difference through November 30th! 

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Stellar Solar will pay the greater of the 4% tax credit difference or the promotional rebate of $1500 for systems greater than 5 kW or $750 for system sizes between 3-4.9 kW
    • If you sign a contract by Friday, November 30 and don’t get Permission to Operate by 12/31/2020, Stellar Solar will pay you the 4% difference between the 26% tax credit expiring in 2020 and the 22% tax credit in 2021
    • Offer not valid with any other promotions
    • Offer not valid on installations needing electrical upgrades, any additional roof work besides a basic solar installation, HOA delays or battery purchases ground mounts
    • Offer not valid on leased systems.  Cash or financed systems only
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  • The Most Efficient Solar Panels

    We only install SunPower Solar Panels, the most efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing solar panels on the market. We are a SunPower Master Dealer, specifically chosen by SunPower to represent their global brand on the local level.

  • A Track Record of Success

    We are the only solar contractor that has been in business for over 20 years in San Diego, since 1998. Since then we've earned a reputation as being the go-to solar installer in San Diego, illustrated by our over 250+ 5-star reviews online.

  • Low-Pressure Sales

    We have always believed that once the homeowner is aware of the benefits of solar, it sells itself. That's why we've always taken an educational approach to selling solar, focusing on the benefits of installing instead of gimmicks. 

  • The SunPower team by Stellar Solar were amazing. Right from the start the sales rep (Erin Presley) was professional and knew her stuff. She was informative without being super pushy. I have electronic background and am adept at reading data sheets and found their product to be of the highest standard. I need this system to last me as long as I am in my home which is my forever home. The install team were also very professional and friendly. There were no issues and they were very easy to work with. The whole process start to finish was so much simpler than I thought it would be.
    I am so glad I made the move to Solar and so glad I chose SunPower by Stellar solar.
    I just re read what I wrote and LOL I sound like a corny commercial.

    Sheri B., Yelp 6/15/2020

  • We had a great experience with Stellar Solar. They were very professional and organized. I didn't have to lift a finger other than sign a few docs. Highly recommended, one of my neighbors has now signed with them too.

    Sam F., Yelp - 4/7/2020

  • I had a great experience with Stellar. We have lived in two homes in the last two years and used Stellar Solar to both. My current system has been producing power for the last two years and we are very happy with it. Communication was great and timelines were accurate. The sales rep contacts me approximately every 6 months to make sure everything is still going well. His name is is Conner Smith and his number is (760) 814-0932.

    Derrick D., Yelp - 4/9/2020

  • Offset TOU Charges by Adding Battery Storage

    If you're tired of paying the high Time of Use charges in SDG&E in the on-peak hours of 4 - 9pm, you can install solar and add battery storage to offset those high charges. How this works is that you store the extra solar power you create during the day when Sun is high in your battery, then during on-peak hours, you use the power stored in the battery instead of pulling the expensive electricity from the grid. That, and you can back up your home's power full with the battery.