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    Ocean Beach, located on the coast of San Diego just 7 miles from downtown, is an iconic beach town that encompasses the Southern Californian lifestyle.  Boasting the longest concrete pier on the West Coast, this beach town harbors a healthy tourist economy that keeps the area thriving.  Ocean Beach is also home to a large number of homeowners, who, with their proximity to the beach, and connection to the environment, have an affinity for solar power to help ween the US off dependence on foreign oil.

    Ocean Beach homeowners who haven’t gone solar should know what they’re missing.  With over 2,000 hours of sunlight a year, Ocean Beach homeowners stand to save a ton of money by going solar.  Instead of throwing away money at SDGE, solar homeowners will be putting the money they would be spending on electric bills towards their solar system.  With SDGE increasing rates every year, the sooner you go solar, the more you will save.S

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Ocean Beach

    No solar company has been installing in Ocean Beach as long as SunPower by Stellar Solar, which has been servicing the area since its beginnings in 1998.  Since our inception, we have installed over 6,500 solar systems around San Diego County, including a ton in Ocean Beach.  We’ve also been voted Best Solar Company in San Diego by Readers of the Union-Tribune 5 out of the last 7 years which is a testament to our success in the business.  We have earned the trusted and respect of San Diego homeowners, which is why our main source of business is referrals.  This is also evident in our reviews, of which we boast over 200+ positive reviews across the internet.

    SunPower Ocean Beach

    SunPower solar panels are extremely powerful, and beautiful.  With efficiencies topping 22%, SunPower panels are proven to produce more power in a shorter period of time.  That's why we are excited to have become a SunPower Master Dealer in 2016.   What's a Master Dealer you ask?  SunPower Master Dealers are specially chosen to represent SunPower's international brand on the local level, and we were chosen from hundreds of SunPower Elite dealers in San Diego based on our longevity and success in the area.  We think that this combination of our top of the line installation services with SunPower's next level panel efficiency will bring the best of both worlds to the solar customer, which we think will benefit everyone.

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