• OneRoof Energy Out of Business - What Do I Do?

    If you are reading this, likely you are a OneRoof Energy customer that has been left out in the cold by the recently bankrupt solar company.  OneRoof started in 2001 and went public in 2012, with their headquarters located in San Diego.  In 2013 they made news when they broke that they had received $100 million in funding from Morgan Stanley to assist in their rooftop solar financing operation.

    Unfortunately, like many other solar companies, poor installation quality and oversold systems seemed to catch up with them.  In January of 2017 they defaulted under their headquarters lease, owing over $160,000 in unpaid rent.  This seemed to topple them from the bottom up, as now their Google listing is listed as permanently closed.


  • So if you're a former OneRoof Solar customer you're probably what's going to happen with your solar system.  It may be in disrepair, or you may want to install monitoring in order to track your solar production.  But since your solar company is out of business, you may not know how to go about getting those things.


    We are only providing service repair work or inspections of solar systems. Repair work and inspections will be performed for a fee. We are NOT taking over any warranty work, lease payments, or monitoring services for defunct companies.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide any details related to your original installer’s bankruptcy as we don’t have any information. We recommend you contact the companies handling the bankruptcy for information regarding these matters.