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    Pacific Beach or “PB” as it’s referred to locally, is a beach town in central San Diego that encompasses the Southern California beach culture.  Boasting beautiful beaches, a lengthy boardwalk, a pier, and legendary nightlife, Pacific Beach has a little bit of something for everyone.  With its environmentally conscious and forward thinking population, it’s no surprise that Pacific Beach residents are huge advocates for solar.

    Pacific Beach homeowners should know that they could be saving a ton of money by switching to solar.  With optimum sun exposure of over 2,000 hours of light a year, homeowners in Pacific Beach could easily be zeroing out their electric bills every month by going solar.  Instead of throwing money at SDGE every month, PB residents could be putting their monthly bill money towards their solar system instead, saving them money, and helping the environment.

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Pacific Beach

    SunPower by Stellar Solar has been installing solar in Pacific Beach longer than any other solar company, since 1998.  Since then SunPower by Stellar Solar has installed solar on over 6,500 homes and businesses around San Diego, and has been voted the Best Solar Company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years, including in 2017.  We also boast a ton of 5-star reviews across the various online review sites.  That’s why we have lasted as long as we have in this market: we are proven and reliable.  

    SunPower Pacific Beach

    Pacific Beach is such a good place for solar, that it would be a waste to use any solar panel that isn't converting the maximum amount of sunlight into usable power possible.  That's why Pacific Beach homeowners would be wise to utilize SunPower panels for their home.  With maximum efficiency, SunPower panels convert more sunlight into more energy for longer.  That maximizes your ROI, and keeps you saving for a longer period of time.  

    Due to SunPower's excellence, we are very proud to have been made a SunPower Master Dealer in 2016.  SunPower chose us based on our longevity and high quality installations, to represent their global brand on a local level.  We are excited about this partnership as we believe the customer is going to get the best of both installation quality and panel production that will undoubtedly deliver the best solar experience possible.

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