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    Perris is a small city in Riverside County, CA that has a population of around 70,000.  It is home to its own private airport and thousands of beautiful homes.  It also gets around 2,000 hours of sunlight a year, which makes homeowners in the area great candidates to save money on their power bills with solar.  

    SunPower by Stellar Solar in Perris

    SunPower by Stellar Solar has been installing solar in Perris for over 19 years, since its beginnings in 1998.  Solar in Perris has boomed over the years, and SunPower by Stellar Solar has been a large part of that growth.  That's because homeowners in Perris know that solar is smart choice for solar in Southern California.  That's why we've been voted best Solar Company in San Diego 5 out of the last 7 years.  We're known for our quality and longevity in the area, which we have earned over our 20 years doing business in the area, over which we've also accrued over 200+ positive reviews across the web.

    SunPower Perris

    SunPower, the world leader in solar panel manufacturing, chose SunPower by Stellar Solar to represent them in the Southern California area in November of 2016 after a stringent evaluation process.  Our customer service, installation quality, and processes were evaluated by SunPower to be the best in the market, so they made us the first Master Dealer in San Diego.  We are very excited about this development as we can now provide the highest level of installation quality combined with the highest quality product in the world.  We believe homeowners who choose us will get the best of both worlds when they choose us.

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