• Tesla Powerwall Installation

    Install a Tesla Powerwall on your home to avoid losing power during rolling blackouts + Offset Time of Use charges! 

    • Backup your home power
    • Offset high Time of Use Charges
    • 26% Tax Credit and other incentives available 
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  • Keep the lights on

    Never lose power again, even during rolling blackouts by using your battery to back up your home's power. 

  • Offset TOU Charges

    Program your battery to store power you create during the day for use during expensive On-peak times so you can avoid paying high rates.

  • Add to your home value

    Much like solar, adding a battery can add a ton to your home's value. Make it even more attractive to potential buyers.

  • Why Stellar Solar?

    • Over 12,000 installations completed
    • Voted best solar company by UT Readers 8 out of the last 10 years
    • Over 350 5-star reviews
    • Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer
    • Substantial portfolio of large commercial installations including US Foods and Cedars-Sinai Hospital
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