• Restart Solar Out of Business: What Do I Do?

    Restart Solar was a solar installation company out of Los Angeles, CA. It is unclear how long they were in operation, but according to sources, it appears they went bankrupt in the past year or so. It is unclear exactly what happened, but looking at their reviews online, it appears that they may have had some bad customer service practices and shoddy installations. Unfortunately for those homeowners installed by Restart, they now have no one to service their solar.

    If you're one of those customers who was installed by Restart, you're probably wondering what to do right about now. You may have a defunct solar system that needs repair, or it may not be producing like it used to and you may need an inspection. Fortunately, we at SunPower by Stellar Solar can provide all these things. We can do a full diagnostic of your system, identify the issues, and then repair and maintain it as needed to keep it producing properly and generating savings for you. So if you need solar inspection, repair, maintenance, or other solar services, contact us today. We can get your system back up and running properly in no time.

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