• San Ysidro Solar Power

    Going solar in San Ysidro has never been an easier proposition. Between a plethora of financing options and Stellar Solar’s innovative pricing opportunities – now is the perfect time for every type of homeowner to go solar in San Ysidro.

    San Ysidro Solar Installation

    San Ysidro homeowners have access to over 2,000 hours of usable sunlight per year; much higher than the national average. On top of this, many rooftops in San Ysidro have ample space for solar installations and Stellar Solar specializes in a range of solar power applications for any home.

    We handle small roofs to ground mounts in the country and everything in between. In addition, San Ysidro homes often feature tile roofs – undoubtedly the most difficult. At Stellar Solar we are known as being tile roof specialists and have developed a turnkey, streamlined system for installing solar panels on tile roofs.

    SunPower San Ysidro

    We became the first SunPower Master Dealer in San Diego 2016.  SunPower Master Dealers are the highest level SunPower dealer, specifically chosen by SunPower for their longevity, installation quality, and customer service.  SunPower chose us based on our amazing reputation plus our longevity in the San Diego solar market and our excellent installations.  We are very proud to represent them in the Socal solar market going into the future.

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