• SDG&E Bill Pay: Why You're Paying Too Much

    sdge bill pay

    Have your SDG&E electric bills seemed a little pricey lately? Well, that’s for good reason. SDG&E specifically has some of the highest electricity prices in California, which has some of the highest prices in the nation. The crazy thing is, prices are about to go up even more. So if you think it’s bad now - wait four years when you’ll be paying 30% more for the same usage.

    That’s right - SDG&E recently requested a rate hike of 28% over the next four years - rolling out in the following increments:

    2019: 11% increase

    2020: 6.9%

    2021: 5.1%

    2022: 4.9%

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  • That’s a large increase over 4 years, especially considering the total that can come out to the for the year. To provide and example, consider the average SDG&E bill, $127.18 a month, which likely represents renters, and is a fraction of what most homeowners pay in the Summer. Over the four year increase period, that bill will rise to $166.38 a month, which comes out to $39.20 a month, and $470.40 a year. That’s a big amount - enough for a car payment or new TV, and if you add that up over a period of 5 years, $2,353, 10 years, $4,704, you can see just how much this can drain from your finances.

    So what is a homeowner to do in this situation? While there are rumblings of community choice energy coming in the future, where the homeowner will be able to choose what source they will buy their power from, right now, the only way to get away from SDG&E and the rate increases that come along with them - and that is to install solar.

    By installing solar, you can take control of your power by generating electricity on your own roof using the Sun. By creating power and selling the excess back to SDG&E, you can offset how much you have to buy from them, which allows you to zero out or eliminate your electric bill. By doing this, and no longer having to buy power from SDG&E, you will no longer be susceptible to the proposed rate increases, and will have a steady source of power that doesn’t increase in price for the long run.

    Here’s the catch - solar is as cheap right now as it will ever be - due to the 30% Federal Solar Tax Credit fading away after this year. The Federal Solar Tax Credit is an income tax credit that is worth 30% of the cost of your solar installation. So if you want to save the most on your solar, you should install this year to take advantage of the Tax Credit.

    So if you’re tired of paying huge SDG&E bills that keep getting higher, and are predicted to get 28% higher over the next 4 years, give us a call. We can work up a free solar quote for your home, so that you can generate your own power, and will no longer be subject to the tyrannical rate increases of SDG&E.