• SDG&E 2018 Electric Rates

  • In 2018, a new rule went into effect with SDG&E where everyone who goes solar has to use a Time of Use energy rate structure.  Time of Use Rate structures charge you different amounts for electricity depending what time slot in the day you are using it.  Under this new rate structure, electricity will be most expensive during the evening hours: 4-9PM.  If you have a solar battery, you can store the extra energy you create during the day to be used during this time.  This allows you to offset that high rate when you are using the most energy, so you can use your appliances during peak times with no worries. 

    Last year San Diego Gas and Electric released a statement that outlines how in early 2017, electric rates increased, with residential customers taking the biggest hit.  The statement outlines how the extra costs are associated with maintaining the grid, servicing existing equipment, and upgrading technology.  Residential rates are set to increase 10.9%, or 2.5 (C/kWh) more than current rates.  This increase is close to double of what was predicted, so the numbers are shocking to say the least.

    This dramatic increase is indicative of a trend in the utilities: as the grid gets older and harder to maintain, costs for the utility get higher.  To offest that difference, the utility will contine to raise rates - and residential electric customers will take brunt of the costs.  That means that the astronomically high price for electricity in San Diego is only going to get more ridiculous.  

    Homeowners who have the option of going solar have a way to escape this uphill battle.  When you get solar installed with a loan you can greatly decrease or even zero out your electric bill - then all you'll have to do is pay your monthly solar payment - which will always stay the same.  That means you will save substantially every month - and won't have to worry about potential future rate increases.

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