• Sequoia Solar was a solar provider out of Solana Beach that closed down around 2011.  Sequoia was one of the first players in the San Diego solar scene but unfortunately couldn't cut it in the heated market.  When Sequoia Solar went out of business, many of their customers were left in the dust.  With many systems left in disrepair and monitoring systems left offline, many customers installed by Sequoia are probably asking, what do I do now?

    We at Stellar Solar can provide you service for your Sequoia Solar system, or install additional solar panels if you need them.  If Sequoia Solar going out of business has left you with a solar system with no one to take care of it, give us a call today. 



    We are only providing service repair work or inspections of solar systems. Repair work and inspections will be performed for a fee. We are NOT taking over any warranty work, lease payments, or monitoring services for defunct companies.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide any details related to your original installer’s bankruptcy as we don’t have any information. We recommend you contact the companies handling the bankruptcy for information regarding these matters.