• Smart Energy Solar Out of Business: What Do I Do?

    As you may or may not know, Smart Energy Solar, a solar company based out of Southern California, has recently gone out of business. It's hard to know exactly what happened to them, but judging from their reviews on Yelp, deceiving sales practices and shoddy work lead to them having a slew of problems. Now their thousands of customers have been left out to dry, with no one to service their solar.

    If you're a former customer of Smart Energy Solar, you are likely wondering what to do about your solar system. While we can't help you out with your financing or warranty, we are here to let you know that we can provide service and maintenance for your abandoned Smart Energy Solar system. If you're experiencing decreased solar production, monitoring issues, inverter issues, etc., we are here to help. We can do a full system diagnostic and inspection, fix your system, and maintain for the long run. We have been around longer than any solar company in San Diego, over 20 years, so you know we will be here for the long run to take care of your system. Contact us today to get started.



    We are only providing service repair work or inspections of solar systems. Repair work and inspections will be performed for a fee. We are NOT taking over any warranty work, lease payments, or monitoring services for defunct companies.

    Unfortunately, we cannot provide any details related to your original installer’s bankruptcy as we don’t have any information. We recommend you contact the companies handling the bankruptcy for information regarding these matters.

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