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    Coronado is one of California’s most iconic cities. It’s always been one of those cultural icons known for its sandy beaches, sunshine, landmark hotels, and as having a long-time Naval base.

    People here Coronado and think of everything from Navy SEALs training - to classic Marlin Monroe films which were shot at the Del.

    Coronado has around 266 sunny days per year: that’s 61 more days than the US average. This along with having a mild-yet-warm mediterranean climate, means that Coronado is a world-class location for solar panel installations. 

    It’s the perfect combination of sunny days that don’t get too hot: the ideal mix for solar power generation. Usually panels that get too hot produce less energy: which is why solar panels and batteries in Coronado won’t overheat and produce the optimum amount of energy. 

    It’s a great time to go solar. There are multiple advantages such as the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit that expires at the end of 2022. There are also a myriad of incentives for people that purchase home solar backup batteries and electric vehicles.


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  • Coronado Battery Storage

    Imagine this: if you purchase a solar system, a battery, and an electric vehicle you can virtually eliminate your gas and electricity bills. Many of our customers do exactly this and have saved $100,000 and counting. 

    Going solar is a great long-term decision especially as SDG&E is consistently increasing rates each year. Now is the time to strike while incentives and funding are still available. 

    Stellar Solar has served customers across San Diego County for over 20 years. We would love to help if you are considering a solar installation or a home battery system in Coronado. 

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