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    Stellar Solar, San Diego's oldest SunPower dealer and one of two Master Dealers in San Diego County, has teamed up with marketing agency Artichoke Creative to create an innovative series called Solar Cribs that recently launched on its dedicated YouTube channel with plans for further distribution.  The series will tell the stories of the people who made the decision to power their homes and businesses with solar and the unique attributes that make their story worth telling. It will cover a wide demographic range of home and business owners to showcase the diversity of solar converts.  The first episode  features the Frank Lloyd Wright style home of Peder and Julie Norby in Carlsbad whose solar system powers not only their home, but their vineyard and  fleet of electric vehicles. On tap for future episodes are homes that include coastal, suburban, rural and urban settings. The same variety will apply to the featured businesses as well. 

    Kent Harle, co-founder and CEO of Stellar Solar felt the series will provide a new way to show homeowners why their peers went solar that goes beyond the typical customer testimonial.  "We intend to showcase as much variety as possible with this series and with thousands of residential and business customers to choose from,  compelling content will not be an issue. We've debated for years who our "typical" customers are for years and what we discovered was there are no typical customers.  From tree-huggers to CEO's, accountants to professional athletes, nuns and pastors to bikers…you get my point, it's a wide, eclectic mix of folks." David Boylan, Creative Director at Artichoke Creative, the agency that conceptualized and produced Solar Cribs added, "The home and business owners who have gone solar over the past 10 years have recognized early on the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.  A lot of people in that group of early adopters have some great stories to tell.  Our primary objective of this series through the variety of the content, is to expose the significant population of home and business owners who have not gone solar to people like themselves and compel them to take a look at solar as well."

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