• Solar for Auto Dealerships San Diego

    Auto dealerships use a lot of power.  The lights in the dealership, the computers, the tv's and ultimately, the lights in the parking lot displaying the cars use up a lot of power.  In fact, its been found that car dealerships use 18% more energy than a typical office building, so the opportunities for energy savings is enormous.  That's why auto dealerships can greatly benefit from installing solar, such as is the case with the Luther Auto Group, who, in combination with LED retrofit, is projected to save over $2 million in the next 20 years.  

    Solar Installation for Auto Dealerships

    Solar can also help with sales.  As environmentalism is a growing movement in America, more and more consumers are paying attention to the environmental practices of the businesses they choose to buy from.  That's why going solar for your automotive dealership can actually increase your sales, as you are showing your customers that you care about the community and environment. 

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  • Financing Options

    Cash PurchasePACE FinancingPower Purchase AgreementLease
    One-time costZero or low upfront costNo upfront capital costsZero or low upfront cost
    Own the sysem hardwareYou own the system hardware; system and payment stay with the property if soldHardware owned by third party; buyout option at end of termHardware owned by third party; buyout option at end of term
    Payments during installation or through low-interest loans Long-term low rate financing paid through your property tax bill Payments for solar-generated electricity at a predetermined rate per kWh consumed Recurring payment for hardware lease and any remaining electricity costs
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